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Don’t want to look like a cow, start grazing.

5 Mar

When you are living a healthy lifestyle eating is very important, obviously. People come to me in frustration about not being able to lose weight and 90% of the time they say “I don’t eat that much”. My response “I bet you aren’t eating enough”.

In order to rev your metabolism you have to feed your body all day. Now I’m not giving you permission to eat holiday type meals all day every day. A good meal plan must be full of fruits, veggies, lean meats and complex carbs. It should also be the right portion sizes and staggered throughout the day. A good grazing meal plan looks something like this:

  • Breakfast within 1 hour of waking ***the most important meal of the day***
  • Snack 2-3 hours after breakfast
  • Lunch 2-3 hours after snack
  • Snack 2-3 hours after lunch and
  • Dinner eaten at least 3 hours before going to bed.

Count ’em. That’s 5 meals! Eating and being healthy should not mean starvation.

Choose the right foods and be sure to only eat enough so that you are ready to eat again in 2-3 hours. An eating plan like the one above will convince your body to burn the stored fat, trusting that you will feed it again. You will rev the metabolism burning more calories which is what we all want, right?  Keep in mind there’s 3500 calories in 1 pound of fat!!! Eating frequently will also give you greater energy. Before you even worry about what to eat and how many calories, just start by getting down the concept of grazing. I know it won’t take long and you will quickly learn serving sizes and food content needed in order to eat the next meal. If you find you aren’t hungry 2-3 hours later then you either ate too much or the wrong thing (most likely something high in fat).  If you would like to know specific examples of a meal, ask me or check out Beachbody.  They offer a great program called Michi’s Ladder online to help you create a meal plan.  www.christinavolk.com

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