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Shakeology vs. Body by Vi

10 Jul

As a fitness coach, I get asked my opinions on everything from workout shoes to organic eggs. What I feed my family, what I suggest for weight loss meal plans….you name it, I’ve been asked! Recently I had an interesting conversation in one of my challenge groups on Facebook after a group member asked the difference between Shakeology (something I drink daily) and Body by Vi. While I am of course biased to Shakeology, I in no way think Body by Vi is a bad product, I just prefer Shakeology because of the benefits I know it has provided me after two kids, a csection and weight gain.

You’ll see “Words in Pink” highlighting extra costs, snacks, and differences between the products!


Body by Vi- $49 – $250 per month, depending on which “level” of program you buy. (this means you don’t have a set cost)

Shakeology- $90-120 per month (If you’re a coach, you get a discount!)


Body by Vi- 2 shakes per day, plus snacks (EXTRA, not included in the above pricing)

Shakeology – 1x per day. Good for your healthy choices. Good for your wallet! You can buy in bulk or individual packets.

Glycemic Index Ratings

*This is very important for people who have diabetic conditions, as spikes in sugar and insulin levels are never healthy!


Body by Vi – Yes, it’s just not on the label.

Shakeology – All the way! It’s right smack dab on the front of the package. Gotta love that!

Does it have any of that “fake” stuff in it?

Body by Vi – Yes – sucralose. This is nasty, nasty stuff! Steer clear.

Shakeology – Not one ingredient! Shakeology is also gluten free and they have 2 Vegan formulas!


Body by Vi – 90 calories + milk and/or fruit

Shakeology – 140 calories for green berry, 150 for chocolate, plus what you add (try almond milk for 40 calories!)

Customizable Shakes?

Both are a yes on this one! I’ve tried all 4 different kinds of Shakeology (Chocolate, Vegan Chocolate, Tropical, and Greenberry) and can say you can add just about anything to these shakes.

Return Policies

Body by Vi-30 day money back

Shakeology-30 day money back

My experience with Shakeology is that it takes 30 days to create a habit. I tell all my group members and clients about this theory. Shakeology is like an assistance tool that feeds your body, fuels it and creates a solid foundation for your good choices. It’s very easy.

What mom out there wouldn’t love to have at least ONE of her meals accounted for everyday? Throw it in the blender or a shaker bottle and you’re set. It’s customized to you, peanut butter, bananas, fruit, OJ….even add in a little flax seed meal or protein powder if you wish. It’s YOUR drink. Make it how you like it. I guarantee Shakeology will not only change how you feel physically, it will change how you look when coupled with some exercise and determination.

I never want to be a sales pitch type of person on my site. I truly believe in these products because I have been the recipient of the results. Now, a lot of that was my own sheer determination and sweat, but your eating is 70% of the body battle. If you have any other questions about these two shakes, would like a sample of Shakeology, or want to get started in one of my free challenge groups, feel free to contact me!



1 Mar

Hey friends and fitness family! Wanted to shoot out a quick blog since I’ve been getting quite a few questions lately on all things fitness. I love it! Keep ’em coming. As a Beachbody coach & a fitness instructor, I’m always being asked my opinion on things like: workouts, footwear, exercise equipment, meals, etc. So, I thought I’d answer a couple, for all to see and read. I hope this specific blog helps you in your search for great footwear!

What kind of shoes do you wear? 

Answer: Nike Free TR Fit 2

Style – Color # 487789-003
Metallic Silver/White-Pink Flash
Let me tell you my story: I went to the store with intentions to purchase the Nike Free Run. I loved the design of the shoe. However, after doing a bit more research I learned of the Nike Free TR Fit 2. The Nike Free TR Fit 2 is designed for multi-directional movements like those performed in my exercise sessions when doing Insanity, TurboFire, Cardio machines, and weight training. The Nike Run is designed for front/back movement.  So I had to go with function what was best designed for my training regimen.
  • BAREFOOT – The “Barfeoot like flexibility plus support” is spot on. Plyable yet offers cushion vs barefoot training
  • FEELS – Like a watershoe. It’s ULTRA-light, the interior molds comfortably to the foot and it has improved my agility.
  • BREATHABILITY – Even during intense exercise sessions my feet stay cool due to the breathable mesh composition
  • COMFORT – Amazing comfort. I could wear them all day. Sometimes I do!
  • NO TINGLING! Absolutely no tingling sensation in my feet with this shoe like I’ve experienced with other traditional training shoes.
  • FASHION – Super cute! Energetic color options. Fun details.
  • $$ – Worth every penny spent ($90.00)
  • SUPPORT – Not the best for ankle support. Due to the mesh and flexibility there isnt alot of structural substance.
  • PRICE – Although absolutely worth it to me, $90 for some is definitely an investment in their footwear.

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