About Christina

Beachbody Coach

Coach Christina Volk

Hi! I’m Christina Volk, BeachBody Coach, mother of 2 and wife.

After I had my second child by c-section at the end of November 2008 I was buying pants and clothes in a size 14/16. I knew I wouldn’t be happy staying at this weight and so I became a” MOM on a Mission” to get my body back.

The BeachBody workouts had always been great to me and so I hunkered down and went for it. My family was fully supportive and this made me feel extremely inspired to keep going.

After 5 months of Shakeology, Turbo Jam & Chalene Extreme I am back in a size 6 and weigh less than before I got pregnant. I dropped a total of 30 pounds and weigh 15 pounds less than my pre-baby weight. I followed the meal plans from CLX and the weight just melted off.

Today, I feel fantastic and have the energy to go all day with my two little ones.



I’d love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have!

Let me know what you think!

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