A Super Saturday with Shaun T!

19 Feb

WOW!  What more can I say about the amazing experience I had on Feb 12, 2011.  Myself and about 300 people (shout out to Kimberly, Jen, Kristy, Mary, Amanda, and Kim) were fortunate enough to spend a saturday morning in Columbus OH where we were inspired, educated, motivated and wow’d by Tommy Mygrant, Shaun T and Team Beachbody.

The fantastic trip started on Friday as Jen, Kristy, Kimberly and I jumped in the Jeep and headed south.  4 hours of driving and some Jimmy Johns for dinner later we had arrived at the hotel.  Some girl talk and a cocktail later it was time to call it a night cuz we had a date to get our butts kicked by Mr. T in the morning. The alarm clocks sounded and we jumped out of bed and got ready.  Yes, we got ready to go workout, lol.  Hair did, makeup done, cute outfits on and breakfast consumed we were ready for the epic event.

The event began at 9am with a coaching prospect talk followed by some yummy Shakeology tasting.  This was my first encounter with Greenberry.  Gotta declare that I’m sticking with Chocolate.  During the Shakeology break I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Barbie Decker.  She is someone who I have found to be very inspiring both for her physical transformation and also for her success as a coach, and there she was all the way from Texas.  Heck yeah I’m making a point to introduce myself to her and tell her I think she’s awesome.  For the record she was very nice and humble, exactly what a role model should be.

Back to the event…it also featured about 7 success stories.  People who had found financial and physical improvements in their life because of Beachbody products and coaching.  These stories are what move you.  The extreme weight loss, improved health, fulfilling their dreams, living again.  LOVED it!  After some fun, it was time for a bit of business.  It’s nice to know that a company is committed to providing you with training that will make you better.  Tommy Mygrant hosted a wonderfully funny session.  When talking about what Shakeology can do for you, I think his line “ripped and regular” will always stick, lol.  Tommy asked the best question though.  Tommy asked “is Shaun here yet?!?!”  SAY WHAT, WHERE?  Standing in the doorway, that’s where. And the crowd went wild standing up, taking pics, hoot’n and holler’n.

Shaun T (Thompson for those who don’t know) ROCKED.  He was extremely kind, funny, informative, real and motivating.  He started with Q & A and this is what he shared

  • He loves peanut M&M’s
  • First question asked “Can we see your abs?”. His response… shirt lifted.
  • His personal workouts are very much what you get with Insanity.  He doesn’t even lift weights for his legs.  Perfect form is key.
  • “Abs are made in the kitchen”. He is not on a diet plan its a lifestyle plan.
  • Don’t be afraid to tweak a menu, ever.
  • Be sure to carry snacks with you.
  • His breakfast: 8 egg whites, 1/2 cantaloupe, 2 pcs 7 grain toast, avocado
  • Beachbody questioned him being the best suited for Insanity since he was the Hip Hop Abs guy.  He was told to prove it and I think we all know he did.
  • He is passionate about kids fitness, but believes it’s the parents responsibility.

After Q & A, was workout time!!! An actual live Insanity workout with the creator.  Its hard enough when I do it in my living room now I have to do it with him in the room and 300 others too. I was just hoping I didn’t puke (I didn’t, close but didn’t).  The workout was made up on the fly.  He said he likes doing it that way cuz its harder that way.  Told you he was a nice guy, thanks for caring Shaun, lol.  Needless to say he kicked our butts.  It was hard, but also the best.  I was bent over, yelling, clapping my hands, telling myself this is a very rare opportunity so suck it up and DIG DEEPER!  After about 45 minutes of intervals, moving push ups, planks, squats, high knees and tuck jumps we were done.  I had survived.  Whats the reward for surviving…a pic with Shaun T.  It was a long line but worth the wait.  The entire event was worth it.

Only things I can say I wish had been different. I wish I had taken my copy of Insanity to get autographed or came up with something creative for him to sign. And I was hoping for apparel and gear to be for sale.  I would have loved to buy a shirt in honor of the great day spent with a great trainer, great team and especially my great friends who did it all with me.


2 Responses to “A Super Saturday with Shaun T!”

  1. Kimberly Hogan February 19, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    Fabulous entry, Christina! This was an extremely memorable experience and I am glad I got to DIG DEEP with you (and the 298 others) 😀

    • christinavolk February 19, 2011 at 10:57 pm #

      Thanks friend! I am so glad we got to spend the moment together. Is there anything I missed that should be added?

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